Who We Are

“…it was clear that this was a community of families that needed help”

The Incredible Teddy Foundation

The Incredible Teddy Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) not for profit group. The foundation was created by Andi & Phil Lodico shortly after the birth of their son, Teddy Lodico in 2010 to help generate awareness about Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia and to provide direct financial assistance to families with children born with CDH.

Through their first hand experiences, Andi & Phil realized both the limited amount of information on and awareness of CDH and show expensive having a critically ill child can be. While each patient and case is unique, it was clear that this was a community of families that needed help.

Today, the foundation has awarded over $100,000 in direct financial grants, with over $22k per year the past two years. Those grants help to cover expenses ranging from meals & parking at the hospital, to travel costs for medical visits, to electricity bills and generators so children sent home on a ventilator have what they need.

In addition, through the work with Boston Children’s Hospital, the Incredible Teddy Foundation also assists with patient family housing. The team at ITF believes strongly in the value of having parents nearby to their sick child, and the Home Away From Home Fund is their endowment in Boston that helps to cover housing costs to achieve this.

The foundation has grown over the years and today has a robust board of medical professionals, dedicated parents, friends and other experts assisting in all aspects of their work. With grants having been awarded now to families across the United States and abroad, the foundation continues to look for ways to grow and assist more families as they navigate the journey of CDH.

Board of Directors

  • Andi Lodico, President and Co-Founder
  • Jennifer Perry, Secretary
  • Phil Lodico, Treasurer and Co-Founder
  • Scott Fuller, Member-at-Large
  • David Brockenbrough
  • Melissa Byrne
  • Megan Hakewill
  • Jennifer Lefner, M.D.
  • Tyler Mason
  • Katie Morehouse
  • Lisa Sasko
  • Jay Wilson, M.D.

Junior Board

  • Abigail Collins
  • Ethan Collins
  • Esther Lodico
  • Wes Perry

What We Do

Learn how The Incredible Teddy Foundation helps families affected by CDH.

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