Grant Information

The Incredible Teddy Foundation provides financial support for medical travel, costs incurred with prolonged hospital stays, and other expenses associated with having a child with CDH that are not covered under health insurance. 

Our organization provides grants to families of a baby born with CDH.  These funds help to cover costs that are related to the CDH hospitalization that aren’t covered by health insurance (such as gas, tolls, parking fees, lodging, food, specialist co-pays, etc.).

Grant Eligibility:

Grants are limited to children born with CDH and their immediate families, or to expecting parents of a CDH newborn.

Grant Criteria:

  • Completion of the following application with signature of the primary care physician, obstetrician, or pediatrician, whichever is applicable
  • Grants will be reviewed six times per year by the Board of Directors and subsequently awarded
  • Grants will be awarded as reimbursement for expenses incurred
  • Applications must be submitted with receipts in order for grants to be awarded
  • Applicants must reside, or be treated within the United States

Housing Requests at Boston Children’s Hospital:

The Incredible Teddy Foundation provides funds for housing in the Patient-­‐‑Family Housing program at Boston Children’s Hospital through Teddy’s Home Away from Home Fund. If requesting funds for housing costs at Boston Children’s Hospital, demonstration of an attempt to access Teddy’s Home Away from Home Fund must accompany this application. To learn more about how to access Teddy’s Home Away from Home Fund, please contact us here.

Apply for a Grant

Eligible applicants must provide the following:

  • Completed form: Authorization to Release Medical Information (download here).
  • Receipts/vendor invoices for purchased items OR vendor invoices.
  • Demonstration of an attempt to access Teddy’s Home Away from Home (if requesting funds for housing at Boston Children’s Hospital).

For assistance with the completion of this application, please see the social worker assigned to your case.

Personal Information

Patient's Date of Birth or Due Date

Health History

Briefly summarize the patient’s current health status with regard to CDH and any other diagnoses.

Grant Request

In order to receive a grant from the Incredible Teddy Foundation, the organization requires any of the following: receipts, vendor invoice

Please answer the following questions:

Indicate how the parent/guardian will meet the requirements for the grant:

Describe the item(s) for which the family is seeking funding or reimbursement.

In what ways will this assist the applicant or his/her immediate family? How is CDH having an impact on the family’s life?

Have you applied for a grant from the Incredible Teddy Foundation in the past? If so, what is the status of that application?

Grant amount requested

Please attach your Authorization to Release Medical Information, receipts, and/or vendor invoices here. Accepted file formats include pdf, jpeg, jpg, png, gif.

If you prefer to print and email your application, please download the full grant application, complete all requirements, and send to