Nico’s Story

We live on Martha’s Vineyard, Mass and found out our son, Nico, had right-sided CDH at our 20 week anatomy scan. The rural hospital we live near didn’t want me to deliver there due to my daughter being born prematurely (33 weeks) and to the special needs of Nico at birth.

I had to relocate to Boston and rent a room in a nearby town. We are fortunate enough to own a home on Martha’s Vineyard, but it comes at a price. Supporting the two homes from November 1st 2018 – March 7th 2019 was a huge financial burden on us, not to mention all the traveling my husband and daughter did every weekend.

Nico was born December 9th, 2018 and didn’t leave the hospital until March 7th. The social worker in the ICU at Childrens Hospital Boston told us about our options and which funding we could apply for. We were fortunate enough to be informed of The Incredible Teddy Foundation, and were granted enough money to pay for 2 months of Boston’s rent.

We truly could not have done it without the support of The Incredible Teddy Foundation. And to top it off, they gave us a amazing gift bag on our last day at Children’s! Nico still snuggles with his teddy to this day.

This is a serious, under researched defect that affects so many lives all across the world. We feel so unbelievably grateful to have been able to connect with this incredible resource.