My name is Natalie Eyler and my daughter, Anastasia, was born with CDH.

She turns five in March and shows time and again what a survivor she is. One of her ongoing troubles is with eating. She has been fed via G-tube since she was three months old.

Fortunately, there are amazing programs that can help children learn to eat. Unfortunately, these programs are very expensive, even for people who do have health insurance. This is where the Incredible Teddy Foundation helped our family. They gave us a $2000 grant towards the cost of an intensive feeding program; Anastasia is well on her way to being an oral eater. Thanks to this generous organization, some of the costly medical bills my daughter incurs have been alleviated.

Life as a family with a member that has special needs is always filled with ups and downs. The Incredible Teddy Foundation has eased our financial burdens, allowing us to appreciate the good times a little more.


Natalie Eyler